Hell on Earth – Mardi Gras 2011

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"Mardi Gras" promotional image

Dear Pastor Danny,

As you well now, it is that time of the year again when the modern day Sodom, Sydney, “celebrates” its Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. It is always deliberately timed too, in order to spit in the face of the few remaining true Christians, to coincide as closely as possible to the start of the 40 days of Lent – the preparation for the holiest of holy days, Easter.

This year, the insult of this abomination in the eyes of God is amplified. Only this week, as aftershocks still rumble and remind us of our brief mortality, rescue workers in the Christchurch earthquake have officially abandoned hope of finding further survivors and are now simply referring to it as a “recovery operation”. Do the sodomites even pause to consider that some may still be grieving? No. Their lasciviousness knows no restraint, even in these dark times as the survivors in Christchurch mourn their dead. At times when I pray, I feel much like Lot in Sodom (and of the excellent study example here) and I wonder how it is that our Lord may smite the good people of Christchurch, yet allow this depraved procession to corrupt our children year and year out with impunity. Continue Reading Hell on Earth – Mardi Gras 2011…


ChristChurch – Why?

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Dear Pastor Daniel,

I have been praying as you requested for the good few people amongst the forsaken in the tragedy of the earthquake in ChristChurch.

But I am having difficulty fathoming the Divine reasoning for targeting the city itself, which when broken down is “Christ” and “Church” and I was hoping you could assist both myself and others of the obvious justice that is not so obvious to us.

Christchurch Cathedral - before and after

Shattered - ChristChurch Cathedral

The city on the whole seems to be rather pious. For example, with 300,000 residents, there only appears to be one bar catering to homosexuals (why is it facts like these are ALWAYS omitted from surveys that are owned and driven by the gay agenda?). Certainly, the Sodom and Gomorrahs of Sydney and San Francisco are long overdue for divine wrath, but are both left in peace to wallow in their shameless hedonism. Yet the venerable ChristChurch Cathedral itself now lies in ruins, as does the less important catholic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Continue Reading ChristChurch – Why?…

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